the volume has dried up but the price remains at recent highs.  I like this stock and its products.  The Incredisock, is just one of many products that will turn this into an “incredi”stock.

VLCO interest is starting to grow for this movie production stock.  The company recently retired 20 million shares, which boddes well for anyone taking a stake in this company.

AWYI has come back to life in a big way and looks regain its form from 2008.  Back then this was a $.012 stock and then the financial crisis hit.  At $.0015 you still are looking at the potential for big gains down the road.

PRMO this stock remains the cheapest gold stock in the stock market.  With today’s annual filing we found out just how cheap this stock is.  $18 million in assets, almost $7 million in revenue and $2.3 million in net profit.  At some point investors will catch onto this stock and send it higher.  Getting in before the crowd is one of the best ways to make money in this market.

PRMO’s revenues grew over 100% this past year to over  $6.2 million.  The company posts a net profit of $2.3 million and the company anticipates these numbers to grow over the coming years.  With gold touching new highs, I have a tough time arguing with that assessment. 

The company’s latest annual filing reveals what I have thought all along,  PRMO is the cheapest gold stock out there.  They are growing revenues, posting millions in profits, and is trading quietly at $.0002.  I don’t think this will be the case much longer.

To top it off PRMO has over $18 million in assets.  That is a substantial number for a triple zero stock.  Most transparent triple zero stocks have very little, if any, assets.  Also consider they have over $11 million more in assets than liabilities.  While some see a large share count, I see a gold stock that has been under quiet accumulation.  I think many will be surprised when this stock finally starts to run.

With these triple zero stocks there are always the naysayers, those who doubt the potential these stocks have.  More often then not they provide a good indication of exactly what won’t happen.  The way to make money trading penny stocks is to buy when no one else wants to, or believes it to be the right thing to do.

PRMO isn’t trading for $.0002 because people want to buy this stock.  But I think that will all change in the near future.

There will be many people, sites, blogs, emails, twitters saying they called AWYI first, but there will be only one that was right.

Back in the middle of October,  AWYI sat quietly with no interest.  Only the Guru foresaw the potential this stock had to reward investors.  This is what I wrote about AWYI at the time to my subscribers, the date was October 14th, 2010:

AWYI – Ariel Way, Inc

Bid none

Ask $.0001  Three Market Makers (NITE, CSTI, VERT)

Share Structure
Authorized 2 billion
Last Known Outstanding 651,983,983

This stock has been dormant since late 2008, or almost two years.  The company remains active at its secratary of state, meaning things could get going again at anytime.  This stock traded from low triple zero’s all the way to $.012 in 2008, while I am not saying that will happen again, it is good to know what the potential this stock has if the company awakens from its dormancy.

Usually a company that folds up shop does not keep active at the secratary of state.  The fact the AWYI remains active tells me they have plans for the future, whether that is right now or further down the road…..
Overall AWYI is a stock that at $.0001/$.0002 could offer a great reward if something were to transpire with the company in  the future.  As long as it is still active at the Secretary of State the chance is there for this stock to get reinvigorated.

This is what the chart looks like since my alert:

 You can also read my blog posts from back then when I named it a triple zero stock to watch:

Since I alerted this stock to my subscribers AWYI has indeed become reinvigorated and looks to regain much of the market capitalization it lost back in 2008.

I want to congratulate those who believed in me and my call, you are sitting on quite a profit and that could not make me any happier.  My goal is to help everyone profitably navigate the penny stock market. While it is not an easy task, stocks like AWYI show that I have an uncanny ability to find those big gains before anyone else.