BUNM is the Guru’s favorite lotto ticket stock.  If you don’t know these stocks, then just do a quick browse on the top OTC volume lists.  You’ll see SNRS, CWIR, MODC, just to name a few.  These are $.0001 stocks that can catch a bid in an instant and return 100′s of percent in the matter of hours.

Today BUNM caught a bid and started to see some impressive action at $.0002 as the market closed.  If the market was open another hour I think the stock would have closed at $.0003 not $.0002.  BUNM’s last run saw it hit $.0005 before it sold off and lost its bid.  One of these times BUNM will get a bid and never give it back and that may very well be now.  Why?

For one BUNM has Hypster (http://www.hypster.com).  Hypster is a social media platform that has been growing right along side Facebook. 

The site boasts millions upon millions of visits and 15 million + page views that must bring in a significant chunk of advertising revenue.  Factor that in with some of their other paid sites, and BUNM is sitting on a very impressive revenue stream.  One that is capitalizing on the recent social networking explosion.

It is for this reason I think this stock deserves a much higher price per share.  Is the investment community finally in agreement with me?  I think we will soon find out.

Irregardless of BUNM’s assets and revenue streams every stock under $.0002 has been catching a bid as of late.  I suspect BUMN could run to $.0005 or better just based on momentum alone.  SNRS, a .0001 stock with a much larger share count and less prosperous financial disposition hit $.0004 on 2.6 billion shares on Thursday.  If BUNM were to see a 2.6 billion volume day the stock would most assuredly see $.0005 or better.

Be on the look out for volume on Monday.  If it comes fast and furious BUNM will rocket higher in a swift fashion.