01-23-12 Strategic Stocks To Watch COROWARE INCORPORATED (OTCBB: COWI)

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Headquartered in Redmond, Washington, CoroWare is a solutions integrator with expertise in mobile robotics, personal telepresence, IT consulting and software development.

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COWI News:

January 10 – Coroware (COWI) Announces CoroBot Upgrades and Options

01-23-12 Strategic Stocks To Watch COROWARE INCORPORATED (OTCBB: COWI)

New Hardware Options and Software Upgrades Facilitate More Powerful Applications
CoroWare, Inc. (OTC: COWI) announced new software upgrades and hardware options for the CoroBot® Classic and CoroBot Explorer product lines. These new capabilities give researchers, educators and engineers the ability to rapidly develop more powerful autonomous unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) applications.
The software upgrades include full Robotic Operating System (ROS) compatibility and an improved teleoperation application. ROS is an open source framework for creating robotic applications, and is rapidly becoming an industry standard. All of CoroWare’s mobile robots are designed to be fully ROS compatible. Out of the box, the CoroBot product line features a teleoperation application that allows users to remotely pilot the robot and view output from the cameras and sensors, whether over a private network or over the Internet.
“Our customers are looking for platforms that take advantage of open platforms such as ROS,” said Andrew Zager , robotics product marketing engineer at CoroWare. “In addition to the applications developed by CoroWare, researchers and educators have access to a extensive catalog of open source robotic applications such as mapping, image recognition and navigation.”
CoroWare is also offering new hardware options to enhance the abilities of the CoroBot product line. Customers can now add a Microsoft Kinect® to any CoroBot either pre-installed with ROS or upgraded to support ROS.  Microsoft Kinect gives users infrared imaging and depth perception to create real-time three dimensional maps.  In addition, the stock CoroBot camera has been upgraded to support 1080p full HD video quality.
With the needs of field researchers in mind, CoroWare is also offering customers the option of ordering Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. penny stocks expected to rise 2017 These higher performance batteries offer higher power density and faster charge rates than typical unmanned vehicle batteries.
These new CoroBot product line upgrades and options are available today.  The CoroBot product line includes a one year factory warranty at no additional charge.  Customers have the option of purchasing extended warranty and premium support plans.  Customers should contact a CoroWare account representative or authorized reseller for corporate and educational pricing details.

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Chat About Penny Stocks – EGAN – eGain Communications Corp.


eGain and CelFocus Partnership Brings Technology Innovation to Telecoms Customer Service Operations

.Companies:Egain Communications Corp..Press Release Source: eGain On Monday February 15, 2010, 3:00 am EST

BARCELONA, SPAIN–(Marketwire – 02/15/10) – Mobile World Congress — eGain Communications Corp. (OTC.BB:EGAN – News), the leading provider of on-site and on-demand multichannel customer service and knowledge management software today announced a partnership with international telecoms systems integrator, CelFocus. The partnership is focused on delivering innovative e-care solutions to leading telecommunication operators across Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia. This penny stock may take off again here soon.

Celfocus is a joint venture between Vodafone Portugal, a fully owned subsidiary of Vodafone Group, and Novabase, the largest Portuguese information technology company. The company provides expert consultancy and solutions in CRM, sales performance management and order management exclusively for the telecommunication market.

Vodafone Portugal introduced CelFocus to eGain technology during its successful implementation of the eGain Service Suite. Paulo Trigo, CelFocus CEO explained, “During the course of our work with Vodafone Portugal, we found eGain’s technology to be both powerful and efficient, which is essential for the rapidly-evolving needs of the telecommunications sector today. For example, the eGain-powered knowledge management system at Vodafone Portugal includes innovative functionality for guided help and workflows for multilingual customer service and content management, which is enhancing subscriber experience, agent productivity and service levels, while controlling costs across the company.”

In order to reduce subscriber churn and increase Average Revenue per User (ARPU), telecoms operators are increasingly relying on customer service innovation to differentiate themselves. “To deliver superior service levels, the telecommunications industry is now committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation,” Mr. Trigo said. “With a proven track record of innovation in their space, we’ve found eGain dedicated to driving product development in order to help operators achieve this.”

The eGain-CelFocus partnership will focus on delivering unified customer service and knowledge management solutions for the multichannel contact center across phone, email, chat and self-service. “eGain’s award-winning customer service suite has all the attributes to meet the fast-changing customer service needs of the telecom market. penny stocks election We’re confident that this partnership will enable us to add enormous value to our clients and their customers,” commented Mr. Trigo.

Andrew Mennie, General Manager of eGain EMEA concluded, “eGain has established a long track record of success in the telecoms industry sector. Combining the market knowledge and domain expertise of CelFocus and eGain’s industry-leading products, this partnership will benefit telecoms operators and subscribers alike. Operators will be able to provide better service at reduced costs, and subscribers will get better customer service.”

eGain is exhibiting at GSMA Mobile World Congress, Stand D58 in Hall 7 – App Planet – on the 15-18 February 2010. Meet with an eGain telco specialist at the event to learn more or contact telco@egain.com for more information.

About eGain
eGain (OTC.BB:EGAN – News) is the leading provider of multichannel customer service and knowledge management software for in-house or on-demand SaaS deployment. For more than a decade, the world’s largest companies have relied on eGain to transform their traditional call centres, help desks, and web customer service operations into multichannel customer interaction hubs. Based on the Power of One�, the concept of one unified platform for multichannel customer interaction and knowledge management, these hubs enable dramatically improved customer experience, end-to-end service process efficiencies, increased sales, and enhanced contact centre performance.…

Investments for Best Returns with Penny Stocks

Investments for Best Returns with Penny Stocks

Penny stock investments are the best modes to generate a good regular EXTRA income. However, most of the people bear losses with these stocks due to lack of understanding and odd concepts. Buying penny stocks is a lot more than selecting the gems from the mixture and this requires a lot of effort. These high risk investments can make you gain a lot of money, but on the similar notes, it can cost you by losing whole investment. There are many high risk investments in the world of penny stocks and the smart investor has to choose the most reliable stocks, which can fetch a good amount of money. These irrevocably high risk investors can cost a lot to the investors if they are not taking the right decision. Market speculations should be based on several factors, which can’t be ignored in any way. click here for more info.

Small cap stocks can be purchased well only by the people having consistent and patient approach towards stock market. Before opening up your mind for purchase, it is important to recognize that penny stocks are perilous and include more risks in comparison to the high-priced stocks. The chances of losing money are much higher than the stocks listed on major stock exchanges. The hard hitting economy makes penny stocks tough for investment. These investments are susceptible to high risks similar to Pump and Dump schemes.

Investments for Best Returns with Penny Stocks

You need sufficient knowledge about penny stocks before making the choice. There is ample of information available online and you can be assisted by the imperative decision making to locate good suggestion. There are many platforms online to give you free and paid penny stock picks. Never go for a free pick because it involves something fishy to attract people towards these stocks. It is never preferable for buyers to choose the stocks before thinking twice. You should identify and appreciate the stocks only which seem good to you. Paid picks will at least give you the right list to see the stocks. It is not good to buy anything and everything from the lot. You need to check out the stocks from the penny stock picks by the experts and then think about purchasing them. There are thousands of penny stocks available on pink sheets or OTCBB. Penny stock picks give you an idea about the most desirable stocks on the list. Ultimately, your efforts will be required to find out the stocks which can actually give benefits in enhancing your investments.

Find out all necessary information about buying penny stocks and discover the world of excellent resources to gain money. It is important to do fullest research before buying any stock. Internet gives you ample of information to assist you for making selection for the right stocks. Make sure that you identify and select the appropriate stocks for investment. Numerous companies are on stock exchanges for small cap options. The beginner investors are carried away by the dazzle of penny stocks. You must take suggestions and read thoroughly as a beginner to do well in your investment venture.…

Beginning with Penny Stock Investments

Beginning with Penny Stock Investments

Penny stocks can earn you good money. It can be very challenging to find the best stocks to watch over the constant schedule. Small cap stocks are lucrative for the people for doing modest investments. You can be the owner of hundreds of stocks by spending a few dollars. The stocks might range from a few cents and below the level of $5 per stock. Penny stocks are risky investments and it is possible to become successful in these stocks by advancing in short frames in stock market. Purchasing small cap stocks is a lucrative option and people get over the risks by making smart investments. You can get considerably better options for successful trading and it makes substantial advancements in short interval of time.

Penny stock investment practices have different concepts and principles associated with them. The trading in regular shares is somehow different because these stocks are NOT traded on the major stock exchanges. These are a part of positive mindsets to invest in penny stocks and undertaking the appropriate elements in making decision to invest. Your right decision will influence the returns and it will enable you to become a better investor.

Beginning with Penny Stock Investments

Penny stocks can enhance your income and perfect trading methods with full analysis will allow you to invest in prosperous stocks. It will enhance your chances of becoming expert stock broker. The new people looking to earn money in stock market can begin with these stocks and get knowledge about the stocks as a new investor. The most sensible way will be to proceed in the well-informed way.

Setting up Strategies

When you begin with any strategy, it would be important to remain consistent. It will improve your chances of making best investments with time and you’ll be able to become successful with your investment moves. The shareholders money will be on stake and the new companies with improving statuses will improve their position and hence, enhancing the funds. The traders giving most achievements with penny stocks develop their status as well-focused investors taking appropriate moves and actions. The selection of most appropriate penny stock broker will be ultimately your right way to decide for making money and getting losses.

Small cap stock research

Nano cap stocks require the research, which is very much required to improve the skills and using likelihood to earn money with investments. You will find great deals online through stock picks and possess better outputs for the potential profits. It is a matter of fact that many stocks are present through the different market segments and it becomes a struggle for the investors to look for the most promising stocks. Hence, it is required to analyze the penny stocks beforehand and then make the final decision to make investment in these opportunities.

The successful investors are the traders developing their methodical investments to make the diligent actions. Investors are looking for the best small cap stocks for observing, which could probably increase the price ranges immediately. Penny stock guides can be helpful in making the fair investments and moving ahead in investing money in the most desirable manner.…