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Since the much anticipated General Motors IPO (GM:NYSE), many investors have started paying much more attention to new stock offerings. Even secondary offerings have seen more interest from retail investors due to a slew of successful bank offerings that paid down TARP. However, some IPO’s are not for everyone. Many of the highly sought after deals are just “flipped” by institutions, and the lesser quality deals are often given to retail investors, who often take risk similar to risk taken in silver and gold penny stocks, just to participate in these offerings.

ipo market IPO Market 2011Before you invest in an IPO in either the offering or the aftermarket, you must remember that most of the stocks do not work over the long term, and are usually only traded by institutions or speculative retail investors.The purpose of the article is very simple. In addition to informing you about market conditions, new events and hot penny stocks, we are going to trying to give our subscribers some color on new issue and secondary stock offerings from time to time. Here are some deals that are coming up. Take a look at the list of stocks below:

ServiceSource International (SREV:NASDAQ)
Provides a service revenue management and renewals platform for tech firms and is the hottest deal of this week. For that matter, it’s probably the hottest deal of next week too. Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank are the lead underwriters and retail allocations will be very small. The deal is multiple times oversubscribed and is expected for Friday. The early trading volatility in ServiceSource may remind some of a hot penny stock after a PR.

Express Inc. (EXPR:NASDAQ)
This specialty retailer of clothing and shoes is the type of deal to watch and add to your list of stocks. The stock is followed by Goldman Sachs who has a $20 price target. However, this is a selling shareholder deal. This means, in most cases that some or all of the funds raised by the the offering. In the case of Express, they will receive none of the funds. This could get interesting in the next week or two. For you speculative types, Express could provide penny stock like volatility the closer it gets to the secondary offering. The deal has no set date , but is expected in the near future. Bank of America, Piper Jaffrey, UBS and Morgan Stanley are the lead underwriters.

Check back frequently for Market news, penny stock alerts and IPO market news. Good luck, and add these two names to your list of stocks to watch.

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live trading rooms LIVE TRADING ROOMSMany day traders and speculative investors have tried their luck using livetrading rooms. In these rooms subscribers are given multiple real time trading ideas by live and in some cases professionaltraders. By subscribing to one of these internet based platforms, subscribers not only have participated in real time equity ideas, but Forex and S&P futures plays as well.

Well how do they work ? Livetrading rooms frequently offer free trial memberships to induce interested traders into becoming paid members. Some of the more established sites usually offer free trial that range from 1 to 7 days. While the lesser known operations will often offer a free subscription for as long as a month.

Although I am currently not subscribing to any livetrading rooms, I have in the past. Not only as a free member, but as a paid subscriber as well. So I will touch on some of my experiences with live stock rooms with these unnamed outfits below :

I’ll start on a positive note, and one plus of using some livetrading rooms is the access to breaking news. However, most don’t offer it. Especially the sites that have lower membership fees. We all know how tough it is to efficiently watch a Level 2 screen and either keep an eye or ear on the tube to find out what David Faber or Jim Cramer is saying. It’s even harder for some to focus on trading when listening to the constant burst of information that comes through the internet based squawk box news services that so many traders use for news now. Especially if you are scalping or attempting to rebate trade. So having a one stop trading ideas/news service where you can just simply just watch your monitor can often reduce distractions.

Another plus of subscribing and taking ideas from others is that there are actually a few solid, profitable traders working for these websites. I can recall three individuals that I once followed that had tremendous prolonged hot streaks, and all of them had different styles. Now you are probably asking yourself this question right now. If John Doe from XYZ Trading is making so much money then why is he giving out ideas in a livetrading rooms ? The answer is pretty simple. Many of these traders handle their own account’s and supplement their income with member subscription fees and purchases of add on products, banner ads etc. Keep in mind that it doesn’t take very long for a tech savvy person who trades professionally, to post a trade and it’s entry/exit points on a platform, and maybe follow it up with a quick blurb on the stock. The downside for the subscriber is that the person you are following is often in a profitable trade before you act.

On the flip side there are negatives too. Some livetrading rooms do a better job at advertising than others, and a particular site caught my eye during a Google search. I signed up for a free membership, and as usual, I followed their trades for a couple of weeks without acting in my own account. What I found with this livetrading rooms (Which is still in operation) is that they constantly recommended and scalp plays in less liquid ultra high beta, stocks that were over $100 and often over $200 per share. Now this strategy might sound like your cup of tea, but many veteran day traders preach to stay away from names that are under $5 and over $100 for the reasons I mentioned above. Liquidity …

August, 2011 | Penny Stocks


*****CRWV UPDATE*****

Wednesday August 31st 2011
At the time of this entry CRWV rumors are abundant, but shares are getting smashed. Shares of this active penny stock are down over 30%. It seems like the promo is still on, but my sense tells me that naked shorts are getting even more aggressive and weak handed longs are bailing.
Here at PSE, we like to bring active trading vehicles to the attention of our readers and subscribers, and CRWV potentially fits the bill. Yesterday, we saw Crowne Ventures (CRWV.PK) CEO Dane Peterson deny any substance to the message board/chat room type buyout CRWV rumors. Peterson was savvy and quick enough to deny the rumors $4 takeover price by Yumana Gold (AUY:NYSE). However, the frequent PR’s released by CRWV do seem fluffy, and the value of the potential gold finds seems a little bit high, especially for a pink sheets penny stock.
But, does the lack of fundamentals and current negativity surrounding CRWV stop the name from being a quality trading vehicle ? Absolutely not. There have been internet based CRWV rumors and comparisons to Lithium Exploration Group (LEXG.OB) and Portage Resources (POTG.PK) for a few days now. Please keep in mind that despite the fact both of these names have consequently smashed aggressive penny stock longs, there was money to be made in both as they began to move higher.
But here’s the key, if you intend to buy rising, hot penny stocks, you need to look at the technicals and have a short term time frame. Otherwise, the potential to be eventually whipsawed in a quick decline becomes more and more likely.
At this point the line in the sand for CRWV longs seems to be near the 4 cent level for longs, an a break of this number could lead to a retest of the 2 cent range.
In closing, be cautious on any CRWV rumors or PR’s, because the charts and tape might be telling you a different story.
Original Post Below

CRWV Volume Rising

CRWV CRWV RUMORSHere at PSE, we try to issue pieces that give some guidance to aggressive traders, and CROWN VENTURES INC. NEW (PINK: CRWV) has popped up on our radar screen. By no means are we recommending a purchase of CRWV, because at this point the shares should just be viewed as a trading vehicle.
At the time of this entry on Monday, CRWV is up about 18% on fairly heavy volume, which has eclipsed 43 million. At this point some could say the gains in CRWV are simply the product of penny stock gold players jumping in (Even though gold is off sharply today), others may credit the upward move to a strong stock promotion, but more importantly, there is a strong vibe in the penny stock commumity that a potential short squeeze might be underway with CRWV.
It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that naked shorts are involved in many rising penny stocks, and these same prop traders and market makers are often right when they catch an overbought penny stock at the tail end of it’s move.
Now last week CRWV announced that it’s properties have potentially $3 Billion of gold on them. Is that a stretch ? Probably. But does that mean that market makers might be caught short ? Well that remains to be seen.

CRWV Showing Strong Signs

Some of you may remember Cascadia Investments (CDIV.PK), which was a gaming play that basically had no revenues and was under major scrutiny from the press. However, that didn’t stop shorts from getting absolutely killed after they …

3 Reasons Penny Stocks Are Set To Explode Trading Penny Stocks

stock market 2011The past few years have been rather rough in the financial markets. Or have they? Despite all the doom and gloom reported in the media and the lacklustre data like jobs and GDP figures, the major US stock markets actually rose in 2009 and 2010, marking two straight years of growth – not what you would expect if the economy was as bad as everyone thinks.

Its A GOOD Time To Start Trading Penny Stocks!

right time to invest in penny stocksIn fact, now is still a great time to get in to the penny stock market while shares are undervalued and new entrepreneurs come to the market. In this article we give you three great reasons why you should be investing in shares right now.

Bonds vs Stocks

bonds vs stocksDuring times of uncertainty, Government bonds represent a safe haven for institutional investors – the financial powerhouses with the big money to invest. Just because there is a recession doesnt mean there isnt any less money, but people become more conservative in their investments and put it in to securities that are safe rather than drive economic growth. In December 2010 the gap between money invested in bonds and money invested in stocks finally opened up for the first time since 2008. This is a major sign that investors have rediscovered their risk appetite and are looking for growth rather than security. The increased investment in the stock market helps companies grow, which in turn helps the economy to grow.

Corporate Earnings Are Strong

Once again, the media is still trying to push the gloom story, but corporate earnings completely contradict this. In fact, average corporate earnings have increased by 20% since last year which are some of the biggest increases ever seen. Revenue is at or in some cases even surpassed what was being made pre-crisis. Given the rise in earnings, stock prices remain relatively cheap with the price-to-earnings ratio for the S&P 500 index stocks at just 16, compared to the historical average of 23. That means there is a lot of room for share price growth in the coming years, not just on the major indices, but for the penny stocks too who will benefit from a growing economy.

Asia Is Booming

asia is boomingDespite what the media is telling you, the global economy isnt as fragile as you might think. Asia is still recording growth and that is helping to drive the American and Western economies as the new rich buy luxury products like BMW, fashion brands and even private jets. Apple, Dell and many other companies are all reporting record earnings in emerging markets like China, India and Malaysia. All this money comes back to America to support American jobs and could even drive a new merger and acquisitions boom where large companies have stockpiles of cash and are looking to invest it in small, innovative companies.

attentionThe media is still fixated on the financial crisis, but the truth is the markets have moved on and are once again posting profits and doing what companies do best: make money trading penny stocks…

Do Penny Stocks Make Money? Trading Penny Stocks

Do penny stocks make money? This is the question that has been sailing to the minds of many potential investors who wants to try this kind of investment. Here is a solution for you: penny stocks are highly rewarding. People actually make lots of money through investing in penny stock. You may find that an investor earns more than he or she can get out of savings and pensions. To further make the answer clear to you, there are tips you have to consider before investing in penny stock to make sure that you are not wasting your money and time.

Do Penny Stocks Make Money? Killer Tips to Consider When Investing in Penny Stock

Penny stock is a very common market where investors rush in order to reap out of their valuable investments. At penny stock, you can invest $5 or less and this makes investors to prefer this type of investment. The following two tips should be considered before investing in penny stock:

• Familiarize yourself with the company. Enquire on how the company operates the deal of making profit with penny stock and who runs the company. Check also the company’s reviews in order to make a coherent decision. These reviews from already satisfied customers will give you morale to enter the market and make profit within hours.

• Invest a good amount. This means that you should not invest few dollars from time to time in penny stock. This is because you will end up paying too much transaction fees to different brokers who buy and sell shares on your behalf. Make one decision and invest a reasonable amount and this will cut you unnecessary expenses.

How Can Penny Stock Benefit You?

Do Penny Stocks Make Money?

Do Penny Stocks Make Money?

The question still prevailing in people’s minds is, “do penny stocks make money?” The answer is obvious simply because the pros of penny stock outweigh its cons. It is true that every investment has got a risk and we live to be risk takers in order to get returns out of our investments. Therefore, penny stock has got a number of advantages over other stocks available in the market today. The following are some of the pros of penny stock:

• As an investor, you should know that penny stocks are sold at very low prices. This fact attracts many investors who trade with large sums of money and earn supernormal profits accordingly. Selling penny stocks at low prices is also an advantage to the investors in case the market deteriorates they will not lose much of their investment.

• It is true that penny stocks are easy to buy. These stocks are just sold as common shares and every one can have access to them. They are readily available for any member of parliament to make his or her decision in investment. These stocks are listed in stock exchange markets worldwide and this is to the benefit of potential investors from all corners of the world.

• There is potential for high returns in penny stock. It is not a surprise for some penny stocks to double or triple with a short duration of time. This means that the investor can earn three times the amount he or she invested just within few days.

Money Flow With Penny Stock

attentionIf you trade in penny stocks the right way, you can actually earn lots of money just within a short duration of time. It is true that penny stocks have got a unique timetable compared to the traditional stocks. Due to this fact, one can expect quick supernormal

Cash Time When Should You Cash Out On Your Penny Stock Investment? Trading Penny Stocks

Investing In Penny Stocks: Substantial Gains Could Take Some Time!

Penny Stocks TimingInvesting in penny stocks can mean it takes some time to make remarkable profits where you are interested in cashing out of our initial investment. Some shady brokers (yes, there are a lot of shady brokers out there, so beware!) won’t even speak to an investor if they find out they’re hoping to cash out of their penny stock investment

Timing Is Everything! Do Not Wait Too Long!

AsPenny Stock Charts an investor in penny stocks, you’ll would like to watch your trades and see when it is the perfect time to cash out. Everyone wants to make profits, so timing is extremely important.You need to take into consideration the timing and watch the penny stock very closely. Why? If you wait too long, the investment could turn south and the stock’s value could lose points dramatically.

For Those Who Need Cash Cash Out Only On A Smaller Percentage

Cash out penny stocksIn case you need to cahs out, because you are in the need of money, instead of selling all of your stocks, only cash out on a smaller percentage. That way, if the stock’s value is still on the rise, you won’t lose out on the possible gains. This technique is indeed a good approach if you are uncertain that the stock will go higher or not. For example, you could sell 1/2 of your holdings and let the other half ride.  Never ever forget this rule! Othewise you might be losing money.

Dont Rely Solely On Your Emotions

Penny Stock EmotionsOk, now this is rather important. Some investors cash out based purely on their emotions and feelings. They may be worried that the stock is about to crash and then panic and sell out too soon. Or, they could believe their fortune in penny stocks has been too good, so they cash out to avoid anything bad from happening. Attempt to keep your emotions under control and cash out only based on what you know for certain. Let the performance of the stock to date speak for itself and take any news about the company into consideration before makig a selling decision. Have a close look at all news you can find about the company.

Take Your Original Investment And Reinvest

penny stocks reinvestIf you do cash out, take your original investment and re-invest it, enjoying your profits that had been gained from the first penny stock investment you succeeded at. Another option is to take the profits and reinvest them. In this way you can be sure that if you  lose anything on your second investment, you are not cashing out with less than you originally started with. Now this is very important: If you’ve carried out genuinely well in your penny stock investments, be certain that you do not just jump into a second investment without thinking about which company you’re selecting initially. It may be a good idea to take some time off of trading before putting your gains back into the market. Understandably you may be running on adrenaline or emotion after your profits, and until you are once again emotion-free it is never a good idea to trade. You should be as careful as you were the first time you invested in penny stocks to avoid choosing a company that will is not worth investing in.

Did You Lose Money? Uncover Out What Went Wrong And Do Not Give Up!

Don't give upIn case luck isn’t on your side and you don’t cash out and miss the boat to huge profits, evaluate the life of the investment and see what went wrong and …

4 Ways To Become A Better Penny Stocks Trader Trading Penny Stocks

Common convention says that penny stocks are stocks which cost less than $5 per share. Unsurprisingly, given the lucrative rewards investing in penny stocks can bring and the ease at which you can buy them, they are now more popular than ever, but only a small

percentage of traders are really making a killing trading these unpredictable stocks.

Penny Stocks Are Either Companies With a Negligible Income Or Are Financially Distressed

Penny stocks are either companies that have negligible income or are financially distressed companies which are in the dying stages unless an institutional investor can be found to take them over. Given the high amount of uncertainty surrounding these shares, it is vitally important that you know how to go about researching and investing in the hot penny stocks.

Research The Company Background

Naturally, the first thing you should do when you’ve come across a good penny stock is to find out as much as you can about the company. Ideally, you should have a good idea of the industry it is operating in such as whether its a growing, stagnated or declining sector and who the competition is. Finding out about any company in this day and age is an absolute breeze with the Internet. You can find out who runs the company, do profile checks on all the directors, look up patents, research the competition and refer to industry blogs to get a feel for the market demand. You might even be able to connect directly with the owners via LinkedIn or Facebook.

Alarming Signs

If you cant find any information on the company or people that run it then it should start sounding alarmed bells. Similarly, if a company is waiting on some legislation like a mining license or patent agreement and there is no way to find the status of this then its a very high-risk penny stock.

Have A Look At Online Forums And Blogs

Secondly, you should find out what the chatter is in the online forums and blogs. Are other people discussing the penny stock? What are they saying about it? A penny stock which no one is discussing is a bad sign but at the same time, a penny stock which everyone is talking and getting excited about could also be a warning sign as its being ramped up by the retail investors and the share price could be higher than its actually worth. Small stock bubbles can easily be created in the penny stocks market where volumes and prices are low.

Look For A Penny Stock Broker

penny stock brokerThirdly, you should look for a broker that is specialized in the business of buying and selling penny stocks. Many offline and even some online penny stock brokers won’t let you trade certain shares over the counter, while others will charge a hefty fee for letting you do so. Some brokers like E*Trade tend to do a good job of letting investors trade obscure penny stocks but take in to account the commission fees can eat into your profits when you come to sell the shares.

Low Volatility

Finally, you need to understand how many penny stocks are actually traded. Most of them are not listed in a major exchange like the NASDAQ  or DOWJONES and are traded over the counter. This means that the companies often don’t have the same financial reporting and ownership disclosure that companies listed on the major exchanges have. It also makes it harder to buy and sell as the market has a low volatility. Even if the penny stock goes up, there …

Where Find The Best Penny Stock Picks? – Penny Stocks to Watch | Penny Stocks

In recent years, Penny Stock (also known as cent stock) has become the hot term in financial market.

In the United States, the Penny Stock usually trades below $5 per share while it is priced under £1 in the United Kingdom. Featuring the low prices per share, penny stocks attract the investors to earn the big and quick profits, convincingly. Regardless of various matters around the volatile financial market, more and more traders and investors are keen on gaining profits with the cheap stocks. So, where to find the best penny stocks out there? The ways how to pick good Penny Stocks to watch that offer the big profit potential are listed below.

Pick Good Penny Stocks and Avoid Scams

As an illustration, Monster Beverage Corp. (NASDAQ: MNST) is one of the best Penny stocks that the investors are advised to watch for the shares of MNST stock have increased and zoomed immeasurably in the current time.

Besides, the meteoric growth of CYNK Technology Corp. (OTCMKTS: CYNK) attracts the traders’ interest in its potential with an eye on the risky disadvantages. So, let’s find the Best Penny Stock Picks by sticking to the Major Indexes.

Understand that the best Penny Stocks tend to trade on the Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB) or on the Pink Sheets rather than on the major indexes such as the NASDAQ or the NYSE.However, since the OTC and Pink Sheets do not cover the standard reports for the financial info sufficiently as the NYSE and NASDAQ, it is advised to read through many reports reprinted on the major indexes. Due to such the shortcoming, the OTC markets are somehow navigated by the scam companies who do not have the full financial reports. In that sense, stick to the major indexes helps to narrow down the number of Good Penny Stock to watch considerably.

Next, it is advised to do the careful researches about the growth of the low-priced Stocks offered by some certain companies before investing or trading. By knowing where to look, the investors are empowered to make the best investment. Thus, do remember to check the company’s profiles, website, reports, stock info, etc., thoughtfully! Otherwise, do not feel reluctant to contact the company directly and request any concerned info. If the company refuses to provide the necessary data, be wary!

What’s more, pay intense attention to the companies that are ready to grow in the field of some major products or medical markets.

Such the stocks are likely to develop in the stable demeanor with the minimum level of risk or volatility. According to many professional investors, the small companies that have the certain market niche, technology, promising products or drugs are likely to be bought by the larger companies. That helps to increase the stocks’ pries, and the shareholders can get the instant gains as expected. Hence, let’s find the company that offers prime purchase so that you can obtain the large gains in the short period of time.

Furthermore, be mindful to invest the right amount!In the initial stages, it is encouraged to allocate the small portion of the portfolio to get the favoriteGood Penny Stock Picks. Since it is the short-term investment, assess the development of the cent stocks carefully to make the best deals in the advantageous moments.

When accessing many online resources such as E*Trade, Zecco, Fidelity, Scottrade, Lowtrades, Interactive Brokers, Choice Trade, Trading Direct, SogoTrade, etc., the investors can find lots of advice and tips on buying the profitable stocks. While Zecco is the safe zone that serves the clients with the wholesome …

3 Things To Look For In a Penny Stock Trading Penny Stocks

There are two types of companies listed amongst the penny stocks. One is the start ups which are looking to raise capital from a share issue and the other is from companies in some kind of distress – usually financial. Since companies that are dying are rarely worth investing in, we’ll look at 3 things to look for in new start up companies that have the potential to grow big.


CommercializationThis is the most common type of penny stock. Small companies will spend years researching and developing a product that will literally turn the market on its head. When the product is released the share price can increase substantially if it gets media coverage or a positive response from the market. Finding a company that is developing a viable product for the market is the key. A company looking to develop a home fusion system or a flying car is not likely to be making any profits any time soon! By contrast Zagg designed and developed highly desirable protective coverings for Apples range of iPhones and iPods and their shares jumped over 825%.

Take Over Candidates

take over candidatesCompanies that are prime candidates to be taken over are ones with a tight synergy with a larger company. A good example of this is the beverage giants Coca Cola and PepsiCo who used 3rd party companies to supply all their drink bottles and in an effort to reduce costs, both companies looked in to taking over their bottle suppliers. In one instance the Pepsi Bottling Group saw its shares jump over 94% on the announcement that PepsiCo was looking to buy its bottle suppliers – even though there wasn’t any indication that Pepsi Bottling Group would be one of the companies that would be targeted for a takeover. When a company takes over another company the price paid per share is significantly higher than the last closing price, which is why it can return very quick profits in a short space of time.

Legal Fights

legal fightsOften companies are tied up in the courts trying to fight their corner over patent or copyright infringement allegations. In the hi-tech industry these litigations can go on for years, as was the case with Tivo who saw their stock reduced to penny share status when legal challenges were mounted against them. However, after 5 years they were successful in getting all complaints dismissed and the share price shot up to over $11, making the investors, who understood the intricacies of the legal battle, a tidy profit.

License Applications

License ApplicationsThis is more for the oil and mining industries who require licenses from Governments to conduct their business. A company who wins a license to explore for oil can expect their share price to rise substantially, for example Rockhopper saw their price rise nearly 1,000% on the news that they were to start exploring for oil in the Falklands Islands – and there wasnt even a guarantee they would strike oil!…