David Harris, a former Richardson adviser at the center of the GRIPgate investigation, received a $10,000 raise and $50,000 in deferred compensation from UNM, just months before the university announced a hiring freeze, the Albuquerque Journal reports today. Harris, the former executive director of the New Mexico Finance Authority, is now vice president and chief financial officer at the university. Hell make $428,000 this year. Not that theres anything wrong with that. But as the Journal reports, Its going to be received extremely badly, Im fairly certain, UNM biology professor Tim Lowrey said. He said faculty and staff are committed to doing their share to deal with the economic crisis but are demoralized when they see administrators getting such perks.

Southern New Mexico State Representative Dub Williams resigned yesterday. The move comes as Williams would have traveled to Santa Fe to begin his eighth two-year term. Williams wife has had pneumonia for the last few months and she told the Alamogordo Daily Times that although she is doing better, There was no way we could go to Santa Fe. According to the Times, Williams asked that county commissioners in Otero and Lincoln counties consider nominating Zack Cook, a Ruidoso lawyer and Capitan village attorney, to fill the vacancy created by his resignation. The commissioners will send their recommendations to Gov. Bill Richardson to name a successor.

In Farmington, the City Council voted last night to allow ConocoPhillips to drill a huge gas well, and theyre going to allow the company to exceed maximum noise levels while doing so, but they said Oh, hell no (or something like that) when the gas company asked to be allowed to drill 24-hours a day. The drilling is expected to take three days, says the Farmington Daily Times.

In other news, well, dont even read the New York Times today. Its all bad. Economy, war, torture, tax returns, vanity and misery. All on the front page. Pretty much the same deal at the Washington Post, except a Post columnist says, Its Ugly, But the Bailout is Working. Some intriguing logic in that story. And speaking of ugly, whatever you do, dont read this story on Talking Points Memo about former DOJ official John Tanner. It will ruin your day.

Oh boy, you guys are going to need a unicorn chaser now, huh? Well.lets see, some kids in Clovis found a dinosaur.