Last week, in a two-page internal memo announcing cuts and newsroom layoffs, Albuquerque Journal Editor Kent Walz explained the many painful decisions hes had to make, then closed with this memorable line: And despite the challenges, our goal is for the Journal to continue to set the bar for real journalism in New Mexico.

While the announcement of layoffs at the Journal sent us reaching for the Alka-Seltzer (hey, we work in the same industry and it sucks all around), we were amused by that last line, particularly the part about real journalism. So was the floor sweeper (no, not really) who leaked the memo to us.

Who exactly is it thats producing fake journalism in New Mexico? What is fake journalism? Is that like The Daily Shows fake news? (But wait, isnt The Daily Shows fake news actually pretty much real news?)

Were confused. Certainly Walz didnt mean no us? Well, if he did, we heartily encourage Gov. Bill Richardson to file a restraining order against the New Mexico Independents Trip Jennings, because that crazy fake news reporter is stalking him!

Meanwhile, in a posting about the Journal cuts, blogger Joe Monahan mentioned layoffs at KOB-TV, the Santa Fe New Mexican and at NMI, then, four paragraphs down, kicks us right in the shin. Original statewide coverage of New Mexico news is essentially limited to the Journal, a smallish AP presence and three television stations, he writes.

Joe Monahan is a big stupid poopy head, and he is NOT invited to our birthday party!

And we hereby invite all the reporters at KUNM, The Santa Fe New Mexican, the Santa Fe Reporter, the Las Cruces Sun News, the Clovis News Journal — and, hell, everyone else who gets paid an annual salary much smaller than David Harris deferred compensation to pore over campaign finance reports, chase down a recalcitrant governor, attend mind-numbing press conferences and ask hard questions of people in power — to join us in sticking our tongues out at him.

Oh, this childishness is exhausting.