As many of our followers know, we often provide color on many upcoming offers in the IPO market. Today, we are going to alert you to five new offerings that are or will become extremely newsworthy in the near future.

Groupon (GRPN: NASDAQ) This web commerce company is slated to float $750 million in stock. Right now, the prospects for Groupon to trade at a premium remain stable, despite conflicting opinions on fundamentals. Goldman, Morgan Stanley and CS First Boston will act as the leads, so allocations should be very small for retail. The trade date is still undetermined, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the deal is consummated in the near future.

Toys R Us (TOYS: NASDAQ) This is a company that obviously has name recognition, and a great brand often helps aftermarket performance. However, TOYS is a private equity deal and similar selling shareholder deals have done poorly in the last year. At this point, TOYS has an all-star group of underwriters, who are expecting to raise $800 million. Keep in mind that at this point, many IPO services are only looking for a small premium on the open.

Dunkin Brands IPO (DNKN:NASDAQ) The company who owns Dunkin Doughnuts and Baskin Robbins is also a private equity deal, but DNKN seems to have a ton of interest, especially from retail investors. Dunkin Brands is looking to raise $400 million and by most accounts, the deal is expected to have a nice first-day pop. penny stocks news JP Morgan, Barclays, Morgan Stanley, BAC, and Goldman are at the top of the books and allocations will obviously be tight. Morgan and BAC might be the retail investors best shot at a small allocation.

Zynga IPO – This could be the most anticipated in the IPO market since Google because of a lot of revenues that Zynga generates. They also have a loyal user base and have developed addictive games like Farmville and Cityville. The relationship with Facebook remains a question with institutional investors, but probably won’t interfere with the IPO being oversubscribed at epic proportions.

Zillow- This web-based real estate information company is another in the IPO market with limited information. The stock symbol and trading date are yet to be determined, but it would surprise very few if Zillow traded before Labor Day. The offering will be small and Smith Barney will be acting as lead. Most feel Zillow will be extremely oversubscribed.

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