Innovation Pharmaceuticals Inc.


Innovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. was established in the year 2007. The headquarters of the company are located in Beverly, Massachusetts. The company was known as Cellceutix Corporation and the name was changed to Innovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. The company is dedicatedly involved in the discovery of innovative medical therapies with oncology, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and dermatology applications.

Innovation is focused on improvement of maintaining its status through the clinical care of patients and increasing the shareholder value. The research team consists of the professionals working towards a common goal of development of the best products. There are three leading drug candidates for clinical indications attributing to the issues related to different body issues.

  • Prurisol: Oral medicine for treatment of psoriasis
  • Kevetrin: Anti-cancer drug modulating p53
  • Brilacidin: Anti-inflammatory/ antibiotic properties

These drug options are in the middle-late stages for their clinical trials. There are intellectual approach and thorough researches made on these products to bring them towards a better tomorrow. There are many special FDA designations designed for its development and improvement to gain market success. There are many commercial opportunities involved in this process and it could be accomplished by revealing the required results to the patients.

IPIX has attained financially vulnerable at this stage and doesn’t have the financial stability to conduct the clinical trials. The medicinal trials are very expensive and it requires proper cash-flow to operate the processes in the required way. There are less investment and resources available with the market and the company is looking for the shareholders to get the funds for operation. There is presently no acquisition made by the large Pharma companies for this drug segment because of the reputation issue.

It would be a mere waste of time and money to conduct the trials with small samples and patient lists. The drugs are dragged out in the inevitable failure which could be a disadvantage for the company in the long run. The market capitalization of the stock is $ 65.14 M and the 52-week range is $ 0.35- $ 1.17. This clinical stage biotech company will grow its approach for discovery of small molecule drugs for chronic diseases. The ability of medicines to fight with cancers, inflammatory diseases, autism, and psoriasis would be a great bliss for the humans. The company has been doing the research work for last one decade and it would probably regain its position with the appropriate financial growth.

Innovation Pharmaceuticals management believes that they have the world-class drug candidates and is advancing towards the approval of the market. There are active strategic partnerships proposed by the company for their studies in different phases. Prurisol, Kevetrin, and Brilacidin have exceptional outcomes in many medicines running in the present market. The company is working hard to form research collaborations with renowned institutions, like Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, the University of Bologna and MD Anderson Cancer Center. The pipelined projects will soon give a resultant and the trust of shareholders will bring the company more towards success.