Trades at Sub-Penny Levels

Posted on April 19, 2017 by wlava

Greetings, Traders.

Today I would like to focus my attention on a Company that focuses on vehicles that produce zero emissions and trades at Sub-Penny levels.

Since this trade alert is being sent in the morning, a gap-up could be reduced and shares could trade through the day in an upward fashion. I believe that this could allow traders to generate much stronger gains. Now, let me introduce the Company.

My New Sub-Penny Green Play is…
*** Electric Moto Corp. (OTCBB: EMOT) ***

EMOT (Electric Moto Corp.) is a leading technology company dedicated to the development, production and distribution of zero emission vehicles and related products.

Currently, EMOT is focusing on the production of zero emission motorcycles, but has announced plans to expand into offering other watercraft vehicles.

The leading motorcycle product that EMOT currently offers the EMAX 72DS motorcycle could be a revolutionary standard in the industry.

EMAX 72DS motorcycle could be a pioneer within its market segment that generates high demand from recreational vehicle enthusiasts because of the following factors:

•    Minimal Carbon Footprint

•    Virtually Silent Engine

•    Fully Electric Vehicles Generate Zero Emissions

•    Fully Electric Vehicles Could Utilize No Fossil Fuels

EMOT’s Top 5 Highlights

#1.  The Company works on the development, production and distribution of zero emission vehicles

#2.  The Company has been in discussions with other electric vehicle firms about a potential merger or acquisition

#3.  The Company has announced that it is expanding it’s line of electrical vehicles to include those that operate in the water.

These include Jetski’s,

WaveRunner’s, and Catamaran’s

#4. The electric vehicles and watercraft are intended to be engineered to generate no-noise, minimal carbon footprint, and use zero fossil fuels

#5.  The Company announced that they reached an “agreement in principle” with a financing firm that would enable the Company to move swiftly into the development of its various prototype vehicles, and to begin serial production of those vehicles.

EMOT Could Have Light Resistance and Big Uptick

Technically speaking, EMOT is setup to increase in volume and move upwards throughout today’s trading session, especially over the near term

Check out the chart below for more details…

As I mentioned earlier, share prices are trading at Sub-Penny levels and appears to have light resistance.

In fact, it only traded 5,000 shares yesterday…so it could have a record day in volume.

Hence, it could begin trading and gain upwards momentum through the day.

Watch EMOT trade in the near term

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