Amarin Corp.


Amarin Corporation is a biopharmaceutical company focusing on the development and commercialization of therapeutics to improve cardiovascular health. The product development programs of the company aimed at bringing potential benefits of polyunsaturated fatty acids. The first FDA product of the company is Vascepa® and it is available in the US drug-stores by prescription. The company has extensive experience in the lipid sciences and is researching for the best benefits to the human cardiovascular health.

Amarin is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with its the United States based office in Bedminster, NJ. The company has a ticker symbol AMRN on NASDAQ and has a 52-week stock price range of $2.66- $4.60. The company has an alliance with the complementary partners for maximization of the success. It is a partnered choice for the companies aiming to commercialize and create innovative products in the synergistic therapeutic and cardiovascular areas. The company has initiated the first of its kind long-term programs for treating high-risk cardio patients (REDUCE-IT Trial). This trial is meant for evaluating the effectiveness of Vascepa for high-risk patients having cardiovascular diseases and higher triglyceride levels. The study is conducted at 400 clinical sites in 11 countries (majorly in the US).

REDUCE-IT was initiated in the year 2011 and designed to be completed in 2018. The results will be available in September end. There are positive results anticipated and it will be a great move for the company’s stocks as well. The stockholders are waiting for that transitional phase and the company’s market capitalization will increase with the growing number of investors.

Vascepa capsules aim at reducing TG (Triglyceride) levels in adult patients. With the market capitalization of $960 M, the company has a huge capability to conduct trials and achieve the results depending on its association with other preeminent Pharma agencies. CEO & Director Mr. John F. Thero is proficiently handling the management and taking the decisions for the benefit of the company. Amarin Corporation focuses on the development of the cardiovascular problems. The leading product Vascepa is highly in demand in the market for treating the patients with hypertriglyceridemia. It is even successful for the patients on statin therapy for elevated cholesterol levels. The major buyers of the products are Pharma wholesalers and specialty pharmacies through the direct sales force. The company was known as Ethical Holdings before 1999 and changed its name to Amarin Corporation.

Recently, Amarin sponsored three presentations for ADA (American Diabetes Association). The research revealed that the US adults with diabetes have high triglycerides level and have a huge risk of getting cardiovascular disease. The core product offered by Amarin Corp. can be highly useful for the diabetic patients to control their TG levels and hence, avoid cardiovascular issues. Also, there is news for the stockholders. Amarin and Mochida announce collaboration on the projected development of EPA-based drug products. Mochida is a Japanese Pharma company having the running market for EPA drugs. Mochida has had a history of conducting successful trials in Japan and its association with Amarin will be ultimately a success for the cardiovascular patients.