Amarin Corp.


Amarin Corporation is a biopharmaceutical company focusing on the development and commercialization of therapeutics to improve cardiovascular health. The product development programs of the company aimed at bringing potential benefits of polyunsaturated fatty acids. The first FDA product of the company is Vascepa® and it is available in the US drug-stores by prescription. The company has extensive experience in the lipid sciences and is researching for the best benefits to the human cardiovascular health.

Amarin is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with its the United States based office in Bedminster, NJ. The company has a ticker symbol AMRN on NASDAQ and has a 52-week stock price range of $2.66- $4.60. The company has an alliance with the complementary partners for maximization of the success. It is a partnered choice for the companies aiming to commercialize and create innovative products in the synergistic therapeutic and cardiovascular areas. The company has initiated the first of its kind long-term programs for treating high-risk cardio patients (REDUCE-IT Trial). This trial is meant for evaluating the effectiveness of Vascepa for high-risk patients having cardiovascular diseases and higher triglyceride levels. The study is conducted at 400 clinical sites in 11 countries (majorly in the US).

REDUCE-IT was initiated in the year 2011 and designed to be completed in 2018. The results will be available in September end. There are positive results anticipated and it will be a great move for the company’s stocks as well. The stockholders are waiting for that transitional phase and the company’s market capitalization will increase with the growing number of investors.

Vascepa capsules aim at reducing TG (Triglyceride) levels in adult patients. With the market capitalization of $960 M, the company has a huge capability to conduct trials and achieve the results depending on its association with other preeminent Pharma agencies. CEO & Director Mr. John F. Thero is proficiently handling the management and taking the decisions for the benefit of the company. Amarin Corporation focuses on the development of the cardiovascular problems. The leading product Vascepa is highly in demand in the market for treating the patients with hypertriglyceridemia. It is even successful for the patients on statin therapy for elevated cholesterol levels. The major buyers of the products are Pharma wholesalers and specialty pharmacies through the direct sales force. The company was known as Ethical Holdings before 1999 and changed its name to Amarin Corporation.

Recently, Amarin sponsored three presentations for ADA (American Diabetes Association). The research revealed that the US adults with diabetes have high triglycerides level and have a huge risk of getting cardiovascular disease. The core product offered by Amarin Corp. can be highly useful for the diabetic patients to control their TG levels and hence, avoid cardiovascular issues. Also, there is news for the stockholders. Amarin and Mochida announce collaboration on the projected development of EPA-based drug products. Mochida is a Japanese Pharma company having the running market for EPA drugs. Mochida has had a history of conducting successful trials in Japan and its association with Amarin will be ultimately a success for the cardiovascular patients.

Century Petroleum Corp.


Century Petroleum Corp. was founded in December 2004. The company basically explores and produces oil and gas. The major focus of the company is to acquire and explore the oil and gas properties for the discovery of the profitable oil and gas reserves. The company is interested in the following prospects with regard to its work segment:

  1. the Thunder Stud Prospect (Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana)
  2. the Alligator Bayou Prospect (Matagorda and Brazoria countries, Texas)
  3. the EI Grande and Hickory Branch Prospects (Beauregard Parish, Louisiana)
  4. the Shadyside Farm Prospect (St. Mary Parish, Louisiana)

CYPE has recently announced the entry to a binding letter agreement with a leading Nigeria based Cement Company Ibeto Cement Company Limited. The proposed transaction is the reverse taking over of the Century Petroleum by shareholders of Ibeto. Mandala Gwadiso has been appointed as the new Chairman and CEO of the company on May 24, 2018. Ibeto Cement Company Ltd. is a private company under Nigerian laws and it is one of the fastest growing cement industries in Africa. The company has two major plants in Nigeria and each one sits on the abundant deposit or reserve of quality limestone.

The reverse merger with Century Petroleum Corporation is a significant step for the company to become a public sector organization and it is the major element in the growth strategy. This is a great opportunity for Ibeto to capitalize on the growing demand for high-quality and cost-effective industry products on a global basis.

The strategy has the extensive development of Cement business in Nigeria and other African regions. The approach is to make affordable cement available to the Nigerians so that they are able to afford constructions in the comfortable mode. The cement business is profitable in Africa than crude oil where the investment is thought to be highly profitable. The reverse merger of cement and oil sector companies will help in accomplishing the objective.

Century Petroleum Limited has risen to a level of about $ 0.60 (highest point) from the zero level in stocks. Cletus Ibeto is the Chairman of the board and he has promised a great success to the company’s present status. It is projected that the company will have high trading volumes with the developments in their industry. CYPE is a dynamic junior oil and gas exploration company having a huge scope in the market for discovery in South American states. The near-term shareholder value focuses the activities in hydrocarbon basis.

The present market cap of the company is $ 9.79 M and its probability is to grow with the upcoming ventures. The company is headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. The lowest point of the company’s stock value was in December 2017 and it is growing from that situation to become a positive sector. With the ongoing mergers, it is expected that the company will get a positive response in the times to come. The trading value is increasing and the scope of company’s progress in stocks is highly predicted by the companies.

On4 Communications, Inc.


On4 Communications, Inc. was incorporated in 2009. It is a company in the developmental stage and provides wireless communication services to consumers, businesses and even the telecommunication companies. The company uses GPS (Global Positioning System) device management, LBS (Location Based Services) and the broadcasting of proprietary & non-proprietary content. The company delivers LBS with applications using to track people, inventories, and pets. The headquarters of the company is based in Los Angeles, California, United States. There are location-awareness services meant to transmit the data to a different range of devices, such as web browsers, short messages, mobiles and Instant Messengers.

The CEO has recently issued a letter to the shareholders for delivering the updates on the present operations, outstanding shares and authorized leads. The company closed three huge deals with the best dealership groups in the USA. These deals will have a good impact on the stock market as after the months of work, the positive result will be bagged by the company. The company is slow in its progress but is consistently doing the activity for participating with the dealers will be done turn-wise. The management will visit the corporate HQ of these companies for the detailed discussion of the inventories, shipping, staff training and implementation of the decisions.

These deals will probably make On4 communications a big player in their field. The big dealerships through Maine to Florida will be explored and there is great scope for the company’s progress. The company has broken through the door both here and abroad and there are many new proposals given out for setting up the private label deals. The capacity of inventories is on an increase. Neca app of On4 Communications has been approved by Google and Apple. It looks great and the discussion will be made over the next 2 weeks. The potential revenue is tremendous and there is much awaited for the company to move in the final direction.

The company’s CEO also projected a close relation with the approval of Hexagon. The restructuring of the organization will take place only after the approval of hexagon. The outstanding stocks will be reduced by 1.4 billion and the authorized number will be 1 billion. The company is in the right shape to close deals and increase the revenue. The shareholder value will open new opportunities and capitalize the values at every turn. On4 Communications has the aggressive focus on the profitable business. The targeted business is related to the healthcare industry and has business ideas focusing on the distribution of mobile apps for Android and iPhone.

The company has engaged in providing pre-packaged software applications. Till now, there are no significant revenues generated by the company. With the recent note from Steve Dallas, there is a good prospect for the shareholders to get a track of the stocks and watch the lists to get the overview of the pricing. It will probably go to the upward direction with the recent deals and give the rewarding position to the company.

Anavex Life Sciences Corp


Anavex Life Sciences Corp. utilizes the genetic medication for treatment of severe and devastating neurological disorders. It is focused on the rare diseases with no therapy available and high-risk CNS (Central Nervous System) disease patients (Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease). Anavex Life Sciences Corp is a biopharmaceutical company developing the therapeutics for the neuro-developmental and neurodegenerative diseases. It is even producing the medications for the rarest disease such as Rett syndrome.

The medicine named ANAVEX®2-73 completed clinical trials for Alzheimer’s disease. This medication has potential to reverse or halt the course of the disease. There have been several anti-depressants, neuro-protective, anti-amnesic and anticonvulsant properties. The same medication has been used for Parkinson’s disease trials. The headquarters of the company are in New York, the US and the company are traded on NASDAQ with the symbol as AVXL. The company was incorporated in January 2004 with the tag of a clinical biopharmaceutical company. The concept and researches used by the company are very promising for neurological segment patients. The researches and developments in the pipeline include the clinical drug candidates for pre-clinical study. The company didn’t generate its revenues until September 2016 and remained under the research and development stages. As of now, the company has attained excellent results with its medications:


The lead compound of the company is developed for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and other CNS issues. The issues such as neuro-developmental issues, Parkinson’s disease, Rett syndrome and epilepsy are controlled by this compound.


The company is a Sigma-1 agonist. There are neuroprotective benefits revealed through the oxidative stress and endoplasmic reticulum. The medication prevented the expression of caspase-3 which is an enzyme responsible for programmed cell death.


This is a preclinical drug having the action mechanism bridging treatment of cognitive impairments with modification of diseases.


It is a mixture of sigma 1 and sigma 2 agonist designed for treating visceral pain and neuropathic pain.


This is used for treating prostate cancer. The product has low molecular weight and exhibits sigma 1 receptors at nano-molar levels to suppress tumor and eradicate the source behind it.

Anavex Life Sciences Corp. competes with the major groups in the pharmaceutical industry. The 52-week high/ low values are $ 5.74/ $ 1.86. The market capitalization of the company at present is $ 181.097M. Dr. Christopher U. Missling is the CEO, President, and Chairman of the company and is leading towards the most rewarding ways for the company to excel in the biopharmaceutical niche. There are best researchers and analysts associated with Anavex Life Sciences to get the best medicines for the required CNS diseases. It is expected that the company will grow in its stock position in the years to come and will produce some of the most required results in the medical industry.

The stock analysts are undertaking AVXL as a prospective stock for the best futuristic approach. The company will probably lead towards the successful modes in the years to come and with the growth in market cap, Anavex Life Sciences will become a pioneer in the pharmaceutical industry.  

Innovation Pharmaceuticals Inc.


Innovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. was established in the year 2007. The headquarters of the company are located in Beverly, Massachusetts. The company was known as Cellceutix Corporation and the name was changed to Innovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. The company is dedicatedly involved in the discovery of innovative medical therapies with oncology, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and dermatology applications.

Innovation is focused on improvement of maintaining its status through the clinical care of patients and increasing the shareholder value. The research team consists of the professionals working towards a common goal of development of the best products. There are three leading drug candidates for clinical indications attributing to the issues related to different body issues.

  • Prurisol: Oral medicine for treatment of psoriasis
  • Kevetrin: Anti-cancer drug modulating p53
  • Brilacidin: Anti-inflammatory/ antibiotic properties

These drug options are in the middle-late stages for their clinical trials. There are intellectual approach and thorough researches made on these products to bring them towards a better tomorrow. There are many special FDA designations designed for its development and improvement to gain market success. There are many commercial opportunities involved in this process and it could be accomplished by revealing the required results to the patients.

IPIX has attained financially vulnerable at this stage and doesn’t have the financial stability to conduct the clinical trials. The medicinal trials are very expensive and it requires proper cash-flow to operate the processes in the required way. There are less investment and resources available with the market and the company is looking for the shareholders to get the funds for operation. There is presently no acquisition made by the large Pharma companies for this drug segment because of the reputation issue.

It would be a mere waste of time and money to conduct the trials with small samples and patient lists. The drugs are dragged out in the inevitable failure which could be a disadvantage for the company in the long run. The market capitalization of the stock is $ 65.14 M and the 52-week range is $ 0.35- $ 1.17. This clinical stage biotech company will grow its approach for discovery of small molecule drugs for chronic diseases. The ability of medicines to fight with cancers, inflammatory diseases, autism, and psoriasis would be a great bliss for the humans. The company has been doing the research work for last one decade and it would probably regain its position with the appropriate financial growth.

Innovation Pharmaceuticals management believes that they have the world-class drug candidates and is advancing towards the approval of the market. There are active strategic partnerships proposed by the company for their studies in different phases. Prurisol, Kevetrin, and Brilacidin have exceptional outcomes in many medicines running in the present market. The company is working hard to form research collaborations with renowned institutions, like Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, the University of Bologna and MD Anderson Cancer Center. The pipelined projects will soon give a resultant and the trust of shareholders will bring the company more towards success.