On4 Communications, Inc.


On4 Communications, Inc. was incorporated in 2009. It is a company in the developmental stage and provides wireless communication services to consumers, businesses and even the telecommunication companies. The company uses GPS (Global Positioning System) device management, LBS (Location Based Services) and the broadcasting of proprietary & non-proprietary content. The company delivers LBS with applications using to track people, inventories, and pets. The headquarters of the company is based in Los Angeles, California, United States. There are location-awareness services meant to transmit the data to a different range of devices, such as web browsers, short messages, mobiles and Instant Messengers.

The CEO has recently issued a letter to the shareholders for delivering the updates on the present operations, outstanding shares and authorized leads. The company closed three huge deals with the best dealership groups in the USA. These deals will have a good impact on the stock market as after the months of work, the positive result will be bagged by the company. The company is slow in its progress but is consistently doing the activity for participating with the dealers will be done turn-wise. The management will visit the corporate HQ of these companies for the detailed discussion of the inventories, shipping, staff training and implementation of the decisions.

These deals will probably make On4 communications a big player in their field. The big dealerships through Maine to Florida will be explored and there is great scope for the company’s progress. The company has broken through the door both here and abroad and there are many new proposals given out for setting up the private label deals. The capacity of inventories is on an increase. Neca app of On4 Communications has been approved by Google and Apple. It looks great and the discussion will be made over the next 2 weeks. The potential revenue is tremendous and there is much awaited for the company to move in the final direction.

The company’s CEO also projected a close relation with the approval of Hexagon. The restructuring of the organization will take place only after the approval of hexagon. The outstanding stocks will be reduced by 1.4 billion and the authorized number will be 1 billion. The company is in the right shape to close deals and increase the revenue. The shareholder value will open new opportunities and capitalize the values at every turn. On4 Communications has the aggressive focus on the profitable business. The targeted business is related to the healthcare industry and has business ideas focusing on the distribution of mobile apps for Android and iPhone.

The company has engaged in providing pre-packaged software applications. Till now, there are no significant revenues generated by the company. With the recent note from Steve Dallas, there is a good prospect for the shareholders to get a track of the stocks and watch the lists to get the overview of the pricing. It will probably go to the upward direction with the recent deals and give the rewarding position to the company.